Frieza is responsible for the destruction of the Sayan planet, and later learns of the existence of the crystal balls on planet Namek. He then decides to retrieve the dragon balls to gain immortality. But once on Namek, his warriors are one after the other defeated by the Sayans. Frieza then decides to confront his enemies himself by using his successive transformations. After eliminating Piccolo and killing Vegeta, Frieza faces Goku, who then awakens to the first stage of Super Sayan.

The lifeless body of Frieza is then recovered by his father General Cold who transforms into a cyborg. A year later, father and son want to conquer Earth, but they are beaten in an instant by Trunks. Confined to the realm of Hell, Frieza later allies with Cell in order to eliminate Goku, but the Sayans manage to win once more.

Deadly power ball: This technique remains one of the most powerful techniques of Frieza. It has the power to destroy an entire planet.

The death ray: With this technique, Freezer uses a powerful beam to pierce his enemies.

Transformations: Freezer evolves according to three stages that correspond to three different physical forms as well as increasing power levels.