Son Gohan

Gohan is the eldest son of Goku and Chichi it is the older brother of Son Goten.
Gohan innate powers are exceptional and occur for the first time during his fight against Raditsu. When noticing his powers, Piccolo offers to train him. During the training he gets rid of Gohan's tail, but the tail later grows back. His human blood allows Gohan to gain some control as he turns into a a giant gorilla, and he manages to help in beating Vegeta.
Later on, Gohan performs important tasks, such as going after the dragon balls on Namek, and taking part to the fights against Frieza. During the fight against Cell he manages to turn into Super Sayan Level 2.

After defeating Cell, Gohan concentrates on his studies, but Satan City where he attended school faces a rampant crime and, assuming the role of super-hero, he is responsible for ridding the city of thugs.
He eventually goes out with Videl, Mr Satan's daughter, and dedicates all his energy to Pan, his little girl.