Son Goku

Hero of the Dragon Ball, Carot (or Kakarot) is the real name of Goku. He is the second son of Sayan Warrior Bardack. He was born on Planet Vegeta in 737 shortly before the destruction of the planet by Frieza. Baby Goku was sent to earth through space with a mission to conquer the Earth. But during the landing, the capsule was in an accident,and the child survived but forgot his past and his mission.

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Son Gohan (Grandfather) found the child and took care of him. He quickly noticed the combat capabilities of Goku and coached him at kung fu. At the age of 10 years, as he watched the full moon, Goku transformed into a gigantic gorilla, losing control of himself and killed his grandfather. When he recovered his human form, he had forgotten everything. He lived alone until he met Bulma, who was on the trail of the dragon balls and asked her to accompany him. Everything seemed complicated to Goku, because he knew nothing of the outside world. But his travels gave rise to his desire to become a fighter, as his fighting potential was immense. Master Roshi (who once trained Son Gohan) undertook his preparation. Thus, Goku took part in a first major tournament of martial arts. He confronted powerful opponents such as Taopaipai, the red ribbon army or Ten Shin Han.

At the end of the 21st tournament, the threat of Piccolo arose. His reincarnation, Piccolo Junior, was a formidable menace, and in order to stand a chance Goku had to train with the Almighty (Kami-Sama), the patron god of the earth. Having defeated his formidable opponent in the 23rd tournament, Goku married Chi Chi and had no opponent at his level before the arrival of the Space Warriors.

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After his victory over Piccolo, the Almighty accepted Goku as a disciple. Three years later, during a martial arts tournament, he fought Piccolo Jr, the son of his nemesis. But after a bout of extreme violence, he left him alive, because he would not remove an opponent as brave. Six months later, Goku married Chi Chi, who bore him a child, Gohan. Raditz, a space warrior arrived on Earth and told him he was the borther of Goku and was to be put in his service. Goku and Piccolo struggled against him but Raditz was finally defeated, not without causing Goku to die for the first time. Faced with the threat of the arrival of another Warrior from space, Goku went to see Kaioh, the grand master of the great beyond, asking him to provide him with training. When revived, he returned to Earth to fight Vegeta and Nappa, and finally earned a difficult victory. Then Bulma, Krillin and Gohan went in search of the Namek Dragon Balls. But a new opponent appeared to them: Frieza, who learned of the Dragon Balls and wished to become immortal. After healing his wounds, Goku went to Namek and trained on a spaceship, and during the battle that pitted him against Frieza, he turned for the first time into a Super-Sayan. The planet was then destroyed by Frieza and Goku was thought to be dead. Shortly after, he returned to Earth where Trunks, the warrior from the future, warned him of the arrival of cyborgs and predicted he would die of disease. Thanks to a drug of the future brought by Trunks, Goku was healed and managed to confront Androids 19 and 20, then 17 and 18 and Cell. In this last battle against Perfect Cell, he sacrificed himself and was killed. A few years later, he obtained permission to return to Earth for one day to meet with his second son Sangoten. He discovered the threat of monster Buu, who he finally managed defeat through achieving fusion with Vegeta. Later, in a martial arts tournament, Goku noticed the young Uub, whom he saw as the reincarnation of Buu and decided to train. Techniques Magic stick that can grow on demand Magic cloud, a gift from Roshi, the cloud lets you move quickly. Transformation in a gorilla: Goku turning into a giant gorilla and loses control of himself when he contemplates the full moon.