Son Goten


Born shortly after the battle against Cell during which his father Goku died, Goten would not meet his father until four years later, when Goku is granted a 24 hours return from the great beyond. Shortly before the beginning of the 25th tournament of martial arts, Goten starts training with his older brother Gohan, demonstrating his ability to transform into Super Sayan.

During the tournament, Sangoten fights in the category of children and reach the finals where he is defeated by Trunks. When they took off to search for the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball GT, Sangoten intended to accompany Goku and Trunks, but Pan beats him to the task. Later, he becomes the first Super Sayan to be possessed by Baby. Once released, he takes part in the final battle against the Tsuful while during the fight against Super Android 17 and the Dragons, he plays only a marginal role.