The story of Cell evolves according to space-time realities. In one of them, he is destroyed by Krillin and Trunks when as an embryo in the laboratory of Dr. Gero. In another timeline, he is killed by Trunks, without having completed his the final transformation. In another timeline, after killing Trunks, he regresses to larval stage to enter the Capsule time machine. Then he returns three years before the return of our heroes from planet Namek. He buries himself in a cocoon and as he emerges increases his power by absorbing other beings. He attacks our heroes, and discovers that some of them are stronger than him. Cell will then absorb C-17 and C-18, making it Perfect Cell.

Persuaded to be the strongest, Cell organizes a tournament, the Cell Games, in which Goku sacrifices himself to save the earth. In the end, Gohan awakens to Super Sayan stage 2 and manages to beat him. Cell disappears into the realm of Hades where he tries, unsuccessfully, to take his revenge on the Sayans.

Absorption: This technique allows him to absorb the vital energy of his opponents grow stronger.

Clone: ​​Cell can generate small but powerful clones of himself fighting under his command.