Tien (Ten Shin Han)

In his youth, Ten Shin Han was a student of Brilliant Raven and his brother Tao Pai Pai, who had turned into a killer. During the 22nd tournament of martial arts, the young warrior was forced to confront Goku, Master Roshi's pupil. The style of fighting and loyalties of the Sayan managed to convince him to abandon the teachings of his masters and fight righteously.

Later on, the warrior continues to train, putting into practice the valuable advice from Master Roshi. In the battle against Nappa, his intervention is decisive and he does not hesitate to fight bravely until death. He also manages to prevent Cell to absorb Android 18 by using his Kikoho attack repeatedly, which leaves him exhausted only to be rescued by Goku.

Third Eye: His eye allows him to perceive the movements of his opponents.
Tai o ken: This technique allows to blind the opponent by reflecting sun light, and is used many times in the series by Goku and Krillin.