Sayan of royal blood, he is the son of the king of the planet Vegeta and has a great talent for fighting. Arrogant, he wants to become the warrior of the millennium. He escaped death when Frieza destroyed the planet and destroyed his race.

For many years, he remained under the command of Frieza, being falsely told that his planet had been wiped out by a huge asteroid. Therefore, he agreed to fight as a mercenary under the command of Frieza at the side of Napa and Raditsu.

Learning of the existence of the Dragon Balls, he goes to planet Earth where he meets with Goku just resurrected and get inflicted a crushing defeat. After recovering, he went to Namek to find the original Dragon Balls.

Arrived on Namek he rebels against Frieza, but realizes too late his weakness. He is killed by Frieza, who reveals that he himself had destroyed the planet Vegeta. He is then resurrected thanks to the Dragon Balls that take him against his will on Earth, where he finds Bulma and ends up falling in love with her​​. Vegeta and Bulma will come to have a son named Trunks.

Vegeta then entered in continuous competition with Goku, wishing to surpass him by his side when they faced the Cyborgs, Cell, Boo and ultimately merged with Goku to become Vegito. This ended up badly for Boo. Techniques It was during his intergalactic travels that Vegeta learned an unimaginable number of combat techniques, more and more destructive. Among them, he especially likes the big bang and the final flash. As a Sayan, Vegeta can turn into a giant gorilla, but also into Super Sayan.